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This guide is designed to serve as a resource for educators teaching GIS at Johns Hopkins University.

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Instructor Resources

With limitless resources about everything and anything these days, we suggest the following places to search for GIS training help:


  • The Esri Academy – Most up-to-date training for the entire suite of Esri products.
    • Hopkins affiliates can FREELY access most trainings using their Hopkins JHED ID and Password via the ArcGIS subscription (Instructor-Led lessons and Books do not apply)
    • To access the trainings:
      • Go to
      • You must Sign In (top right corner)
      • Enter “gisanddata” to complete the URL and check the box to Remember this URL so you can skip this part in the future.  Press Continue
      • Follow the familiar JHU JHED ID authentication process
      • Choose Catalog/Course Catalog, then check the Maintenance  & Free boxes
      • Finally, filter by Topic, Format, or by Product


  • Learn.Arcgis Students explore & learn GIS while working through real-world problems
    • Have students work through one of the “Get Started” lessons (scroll down to the middle of the page) to familiarize them with the designated application
    • To follow along they will need to sign-in to the Hopkins Organization account via the above directions.


  • In-class workshops
    • Library staff are prepared to tailor GIS workshops within your designated class time or outside of class time to compliment the work they are doing during your class. Fill out the Workshop/In Class Request form to start the process.


  • Linkedin Learning - Look for the specific application or the geospatial concept to engage your students and give them an additional way to learn.


  • Courserawhether you use the JHU courses or not their are plenty of GIS lessons.


  • Information about Data Services scheduled open workshops can be found via the Data Services Website's Training & Workshops Calendar.


Go to the GIS Resources by Application to see our favorites from the above resources.

Resource ArcGIS Pro
(Desktop software)
ArcGIS Online
(Web Mapping)
(An Esri Web Application)
Other Web Applications
Esri Academy

ArcGIS Pro Basics - introduce students to how they can integrate, visualize, analyze, and share data. (50 minutes)

Basics of Geographic Coordinate Systems - learn coordinate system fundamentals (75 minutes)

ArcGIS Online Basics learn how to map data, share content, and collaborate. (110 minutes)

COVID-19 Training Resource Guide (8 pages)

ArcGIS StoryMap Fundamentals teaches you to unleash your creativity and craft stories that connect with your audience (5 courses)


Moving to the New ArcGIS StoryMaps and Meet the New ArcGIS StoryMaps are introductory training resources to the new ArcGIS StoryMaps template released in 2019.



ArcGIS Maps for Office Basics visualize your spreadsheet data easily (50 minutes)

Survey 123: Get Started with Online Surveys Deploy smart forms for accurate, fast field data collection. (1 hour)

Build Your Own Web Apps create custom apps featuring your maps and data.  (1 hour)

Learn ArcGIS Get Started with ArcGIS Pro Create a map to help tourists in Singapore find places of interest. (30 minutes)

Get Started with ArcGIS Online - Create and share an evacuation map to prepare for an incoming hurricanes in Houston, TX. (30 minutes)

Get Started with ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World - Access content from ArcGIS Living Atlas (45 minutes)

Get Started with Story Maps - Create web apps that combine maps with narrative text and multimedia. Useful for exploring the Classic Story Maps builder.


Share the Story of an Expedition - Build a StoryMap about a scientific expedition to a Guatemalan volcano (30 minutes)

Facility Mapping for COVID-19 Response - Learn how to implement ArcGIS Indoors for COVID-19 mapping response.  (multiple lessons totalling over 9 hours)

Create a Dashboard - Illustrate the frequency and severity of earthquakes in CA. (20 minutes)

Create Your First Dashboard configure a simple interactive dashboard (15 minutes)

Data Services Open Workshops

Intro to ArcGIS Using ArcGIS Pro
See Calendar for next offering

Web Mapping, An Introduction to ArcGIS Online

Joining and Geocoding in ArcGIS Online

See Calendar for next offering
Bring Your Data Alive Through Story Telling
See Calendar for next offering


The ArcGIS Book- provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental concepts, tools, and principles of GIS analysis for users of all backgrounds.

Teach GIS- a repository of instructional resources including tutorials, data sources, and publications for the teaching of GIS in higher education.

Geospatial Instructional Resources- A collection of resources from the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science.

Linkedin Learning - LinkedIn Learning courses cover a range of topics, including GIS. JHU employees can access these through their JHU account.  

CourseraJHU affiliates have access to Coursera through their JHU account. A number of GIS and Mapping courses from various universities are available for affiliates to take, either for free or for a small fee. 

GeoInquiries Collections - short, standards-based inquiry activities for ArcGIS Online that teach GIS mapping concepts and techniques.