Data Management and Sharing

This guide gathers overviews and resources for data management and sharing following the research workflow for data, from preparing data management and sharing plans for grant proposals, conducting research, to sharing research data.

Find a Repository

When sharing your research data code, and documentation, there are many repositories to choose from. Some repositories are domain specific, and focus on a very narrow type of research. Other repositories, known as generalists, accept data from multiple disciplines and in various file formats. Another aspect of repositories is the ease with which data is accessible (controlled-access or public).  

Qualities to Look For in a Repository
Data Repository Registries/Lists
Johns Hopkins Research Data Repository
Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)

ICPSR has one of the largest archives of social science datasets in the world and is free to deposit your data into. It is designed for both public-use and restricted-use data. 

Repository-Specific Data Submission Guidelines

Prior to depositing into a repository you should review the submission guidelines as they likely will require you to format your data a particular way and include specific metadata with your submission.