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ProQuest Congressional

East India Company

  • East India Company Module III: Factory Records for China, Japan and the Middle East
  • East India Company Module IV: Correspondence: Early Voyages, Formation and Conflict, 1600-1858

Foreign Office files for Southeast Asia

  • Foreign Office Files for South East Asia, 1963-1966,
  • Cold War in the Pacific, Trade Relations, and the Post-Independence Period, 1963-1966

Foreign Office Files for Japan

  • Foreign Office Files for Japan, 1919-1952
  • Japan and Great Power Status, 1919-1930

Research Source (Adam Matthew) 

Sex and Sexuality

  • Sex & Sexuality, Module I: Research Collections from The Kinsey Institute Library & Special Collections
  • Sex & Sexuality, Module II: Self-Expression, Community and Identity

Gale China and the Modern World

  • Diplomacy and Political Secrets, 1860-1950 Digital Archive
  • Hong Kong, Britain, and China 1841-1951 Digital Archive
  • Hong Kong, Britain, and China 1841-1951 Digital Archive

Gale Primary Sources Women's Studies Archive

  • Rare Titles from the American Antiquarian Society, 1820-1922 Digital Archive
  • Voice and Vision Digital Archive

Gale Primary Sources Political Extremism and Radicalism

  • Part 2: Far-Right Groups in America

Gale Archives Unbound

Smithsonian Collections Online

  • Evolution of Flight, 1784-1991 Digital Archive

Gale Primary Sources Making of the Modern World

  • Part IV:1800-1890

Gale Archives of Sexuality and Gender

Oxford Handbooks Online

Accessible Archives:

Women's Suffrage Collection Parts II-Part VIII

  • Women's Suffrage, 1849-1913, Part II: National Citizen and Ballot Box

  • Women's Suffrage, 1849-1913, Part III: The Revolution

  • Women's Suffrage, 1849-1913, Part IV: The New Citizen

  • Women's Suffrage, 1849-1913, Part V: The Remonstrance

  • Women's Suffrage, 1849-1913, Part V: Western Woman Voter

  • Women's Suffrage, 1849-1913, Part VI: The National Standard

  • Women’s Suffrage PART VII: The 19th Amendment Victory: A Newspaper History, 1762-1922

  • Women’s Suffrage PART VIII: The 19th Amendment Victory: Books, 1812-1923

The Woman's Tribune Parts I-V


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Women's Magazine Archive (module 3) to be published June 2021