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An introduction to geospatial concepts

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Whether you're just getting started in GIS or looking to learn a particular tool or application, there are many resources available to you. Click through the tabs below to explore some of our recommendations. 

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We're often asked to share and recommend trainings on specific topics in GIS. We've shared some of our favorites below. For information on how to access Esri Academy or Learn ArcGIS, click on the Accessing Esri Resources tab.

GIS Fundamentals

The Power of Maps Esri Academy This lesson explores five maps, which may inspire you to reconsider what maps can do and what you can do with them. (50 minutes)
Basics of Geographic Coordinate Systems Esri Academy Learn the fundamental concepts of coordinate reference systems. (75 minutes)
Getting Started with Data Management Esri Academy Learn how GIS data is structured, stored and accessed. (85 minutes)

ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro Basics Esri Academy Learn how you can integrate, visualize, analyze, and share data using ArcGIS Pro. (50 minutes)
Get Started with ArcGIS Pro Learn ArcGIS Create a map to help tourists in Singapore find places of interest. (30 minutes)
Intro to ArcGIS Using ArcGIS Pro JHU Data Services workshop Free workshop offered by JHU Data Services. See calendar for next offering. 
Getting Started with Mapping and Visualization Esri Academy Explore 2D and 3D products that can be created using ArcGIS Pro, and learn how to identify and choose the best medium for your project. (75 minutes)

ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online Basics Esri Academy Learn what ArcGIS Online is and how you can use it to map data, share content and collaborate with others. (110 minutes)
Get Started with ArcGIS Online Learn ArcGIS Create and share an evacuation map to prepare for an incoming hurricanes in Houston, TX. (30 minutes)
Web Mapping, An Introduction to ArcGIS Online JHU Data Services workshop Free workshop offered by JHU Data Services. See calendar for next offering. 
Joining and Geocoding in ArcGIS Online JHU Data Services workshop Free workshop offered by JHU Data Services. See calendar for next offering. 
Get Started with ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World Esri Academy Learn how to access resources from Esri's Living Atlas into your web maps and applications. (45 minutes)
Creating and Sharing GIS Content Using ArcGIS Online Esri Academy Learn how to publish data and map layers to ArcGIS Online as services. (150 minutes)


Meet the New ArcGIS StoryMaps Esri Academy Learn about Esri's storytelling tools, and how StoryMaps can be used to communicate your work. (60 minutes)
Get Started with ArcGIS StoryMaps Learn ArcGIS Familiarize yourself with StoryMaps by building one about a scientific expedition to a Guatemalan volcano. (30 minutes)
The Anatomy of a Story Esri StoryMap A StoryMap cheatsheet
Bring Your Research Alive with StoryMaps: Beginners JHU Data Services workshop Free workshop offered by JHU Data Services. See calendar for next offering. 
Bring Your Research Alive with StoryMaps: Advanced JHU Data Services workshop Free workshop offered by JHU Data Services. See calendar for next offering. 

Other Esri Applications

ArcGIS Maps for Office Basics Esri Academy Learn how to integrate Esri's plug-in to bring mapping capabilities to your data directly in Microsoft Office software. (50 minutes)
Get Started with ArcGIS Survey123 Esri Academy Learn how to build a survey and share your results via a web app using ArcGIS Survey123. (95 minutes)
Creating Web Applications Using Templates and ArcGIS WebAppBuilder Esri Academy Learn how to use ArcGIS Online's configurable app templates and ArcGIS Web AppBuilder to share a web map as a cross-platform application. (120 minutes)
Create Your First Dashboard Using ArcGIS Dashboards Esri blog Learn how to create a simple dashboard using ArcGIS dashboards.
Integrate maps, apps, and scenes to tell a story Learn ArcGIS Learn how to create diferent web applications to share information about earthquake risk. (60 minutes)
Esri Academy

The Esri Academy is a catalog of Esri-produced webinars, videos, and other training sources covering the full suite of Esri software and applications. Sign into the JHU ArcGIS Online Organization and follow the steps below to access content:

Learn ArcGIS

Learn ArcGIS is a hub of guided, hands-on tutorials that involve real-world problems. These tutorials are an excellent way to see how GIS can be applied to a range of fields. 

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Esri Blog

Esri maintains a blog where they will showcase particular applications of GIS (such as a 3D Mars app), detail recent updates to their software and platforms, as well as share useful tips and tricks. If you're invested in learning and using Esri's suite of tools, this is a great page to bookmark.

Esri Documentation

Esri provides excellent documentation on their products, covering everything from installation and configuration instructions for a software to details and tutorials for how to use specific geoprocessing tools. The full list of documented material can be here here

JHU Data Services GIS and Mapping Workshops

We offer open workshops and trainings in GIS and Mapping. Click here to see our latest course offerings. 

If you are teaching and would like to integrate GIS and Mapping content into your class, we can tailor a workshop to fit your needs. Start by checking out our list of typically offered Trainings & Workshops on our website, or go directly to our specific GIS & Mapping offerings. Then email us to talk more about what you're looking for. 

The ArcGIS Book - provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental concepts, tools, and principles of GIS analysis for users of all backgrounds.

Teach GIS - a repository of instructional resources including tutorials, data sources, and publications for the teaching of GIS in higher education.

Geospatial Instructional Resources - a collection of resources from the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science.

LinkedIn Learning - LinkedIn Learning courses cover a range of topics, including GIS. JHU affiliates can access these through their JHU account.  

CourseraJHU affiliates have access to Coursera through their JHU account. A number of GIS and mapping courses from various universities are available for affiliates to take, either for free or for a small fee. 

GeoInquiries Collections - short, standards-based inquiry activities for ArcGIS Online that teach GIS mapping concepts and techniques.

Geocomputation with R - free, online book on using R for geographic data analysis, visualization and modeling.