Esri Software Access

Information and links to Esri software and data for the JHU community

The Esri education site license includes access to the following desktop software:

  • ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop 

  • ArcGIS Insights Desktop 

  • Esri CityEngine 

  • Drone2Map (limited license numbers; reserved for Drones in Action course) 

Johns Hopkins University has an ArcGIS Online organization platform, ArcGIS Online for Johns Hopkins. It is administered by JHU Data Services and serves as the university's main ArcGIS Online platform for educational use and research purposes.

The following web applications are made available through this platform:

App Name


Data visualization tool allowing users to combine maps, simple charts and text in a single screen. Used often in situations to convey and monitor changing data and events.

Dashboards Beta, which is built using the ArcGIS API for Javascript 4.x, was launched in April 2020. Updates were released as Beta 2 in January 2021. 

Web App Builder

A web editor with built-in tools and widgets for users to create 2D and 3D web applications without writing any code. 

ArcGIS StoryMaps 

StoryMaps 2.0 was released in 2019 and is a unified builder that allows to combine maps and text, images and other digital media for storytelling purposes. 

StoryMaps Classic will remain supported by Esri; however, after 2024 updates will no longer be made to the underlying software. We recommend users switch to or start with StoryMaps 2.0. 

A transition timeline for ArcGIS StoryMaps is available here


Web application specially designed for scenario planning and site suitability analyses. 

App Studio

A low-code platform to create native GIS apps that can then be run on Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, and Linux devices. 

ArcGIS Business Analyst (Web)

Browser-version of ArcGIS Business Analyst desktop. Allows users to access Esri's demographic, consumer spending and business data and perform various types of spatial analyses. 

Note: All JHU affiliates also have access to the Business Analyst extension in ArcGIS Pro. While users can also download and access the Esri Business Analyst desktop license and data, we discourage this as the hardware requirements for downloading and running Business Analyst desktop are high, requiring, for example, a minimum of 90 GB of hard drive space. 

Community Analyst Online

The interface and workflows in Community Analyst are identical to those found in ArcGIS Business Analyst (web); this version is aimed at those interested in community development. 


ArcGIS Insights is available to users as a browser-based application and as a desktop application. Insights is an "analytic workbench" that, like ArcGIS Dashboard, allows users to integrate maps with additional charts for data analysis. 


QuickCapture is an Esri mobile app for collecting data out in the field. 


Survey123 allows users to create web and app-accessible surveys that link directly to ArcGIS Online. 


Workforce is an application that is designed specifically to manage operations involving the deployment of mobile workers. It is intended for use in fields such as utilities management, where coordinators may be dispatching employees to various sites with different assignments and tasks. 

ArcGIS Hub

An engagement platform that allows organizations to create websites and web pages, usually with the goal of connecting and communicating more efficiently with a public audience. 

Experience Builder

Experience Builder provides users with templates to create web applications that combine two or more other Esri web apps, as well as other digital content. For example, if a user creates a dashboard and two StoryMaps for a project, they can use Experience Builder to create a central web application that integrate them. Click here for a blog post detailing this process.  

Redistricting Online

A web-based platform for modeling geographic redistricting and territory design, integrating Esri's demographic data. 

ArcGIS Urban  

A web-based platform designed for urban planning projects that integrates 3D ArcGIS projects with the ability to analyze plans, visualize projects and facilitate public engagement. 


Server licenses and software are available in limited quantities for teaching and research purposes. Please note that JHU Data Services is not responsible for helping you set up or maintain a GIS server. If your research team or division requires access to an enterprise GIS setup, please contact us for an initial consultation. 

  • ArcGIS Enterprise (Windows, Linux) 

  • ArcGIS for Server Enterprise 

  • ArcGIS Portal 

In the Milton S. Eisenhower Library, Data Services manages a computer lab and visualization studio. The following Esri software are available on the Data Services lab computers for use: 

  • ArcGIS Desktop Advanced 

  • ArcGIS Pro Advanced 

  • ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop 

  • CityEngine (on VR PC in Visualization Studio)