Maps and online map resources

This guide goes over how to access the Map Collection in Data Services and online maps from JHU and beyond

Data Services

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Finding geospatial data and getting help using it

GIS stands for "geographic information system." GIS applications present geospatial information in interactive map visualizations, using a wide variety of tools and methods, that can be used for sophisticated analysis of real-world questions.

Geospatial data is an umbrella term – although there are several – for the combination of spatial and geographic data used in GIS. It refers to any data that includes a geographic association.

Data Services can help you with finding geospatial data, as well as other aspects of developing a GIS project.

For scanned map images, including georeferenced maps, search the Maps and Atlases Collection in JScholarship. For more about identifying and using georeferenced maps, see the Georeferenced scanned maps section of our instructional StoryMap.