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What is Dimensions?

New in 2023!

Searching across publications provides a narrow view of the research ecosystem in any given field, and misses much of the related activity that takes place before and after. With Dimensions, you can search, report and analyze across grants, publications, datasets, clinical trials, patents and policy simultaneously, enabling you to build a richer picture of the global scholarly landscape by tracing research from idea to impact.

Additional filters, further analytical views and visualizations make this an advanced solution for informing research and grant application strategy, reporting, conducting ongoing analysis and evaluation, and more.

Dimensions is available to all JHU affiliates with a JHED ID. Click on the link below and login using SSO as usual to get started. See tips and tutorials for using Dimensions below.

Tips for using Dimensions

  • Although it's not required, we strongly recommend setting up a Dimensions account to access the full suite of analytic capabilities.
    • Click "Register" if you haven't yet set up a Dimensions account.
    • Click "Sign In" if you already have a Dimensions account

  • Dimensions is extremely comprehensive and includes patents, preprints, datasets, grants, clinical trials, and policy documents. You might consider excluding or limiting to certain types of items, depending on the purposes of your search.
  • You can see a trendline of any metric you choose by clicking Analytical Views
  • Got questions about how to use Dimensions or what it covers? Send your questions to