Scholarly Metrics

All about metrics: definitions, how-to, and tools.

Tracking social media use

Researchers in many fields are using social media to communicate with their colleagues. They can mention and review a journal article or conference presentation in a blog post or tweet. They can bookmark or save an article in their Mendeley, CiteULike, or Zotero account.

Altmetrics enumerates the mentions of scholarly articles in social media venues.

Altmetrics Tools

These websites will search a variety of open sites to look for mentions of your work. All of them describe the resources they search and explain how the numbers are generated. Right now these counts let you know the minimum number of times your work has been mentioned on the web. Let your librarian know if you have a question.

Publishers and Altmetrics

Publishers are now including altmetrics along with citations to articles. Below are links to publisher announcements about these services.