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Special Collections

  • An important collection of material related to Italian theater in Special Collections including:
    • Editions of Italian plays: individual works
    • Works on theater architecture
    • Theoretical works on the theater
    • Printed ephemera, including rare theater programs.
    • Artifacts of book production, from medieval manuscripts to the19th century.
  • Additional material is acquired by the curators in Special Collections to enhance and build this important collection.

Important Early Editions of Italian Plays

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Works on the Theater

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Italian Printed and Theater Ephemera

Announcements for 18th century Italian books. Rare ephemera that shows early Italian printing.

Parte presa nell’illustris... Conseglio de Pregadi. In materia del Lotto del Ponte di Rialto. Adi. 2 Mazo 1590. [Venice]: In calle delle Rasse, 1590.A RARE VENETIAN DECREE CONCERNING THE ‘LOTTO DEL PONTE DI RIALTO’, the lottery organized to raise funds for the rebuilding of the famous Rialto bridge the following year. The prize was worth 100,000 ducats, given in the form of a lot or ‘lotto’ of real estate, with 5 house and 7 shops.


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Artifacts of Book Production in Special Collections

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