Blog Contributors

Use this guide as a resource to create your library blog posts.

Adding Images

Send images to Adriane Koenig to be inserted into your post.


For images on websites, simply send the link to the image. Please ensure all pertinent info is at that site (title, creator, Creative Commons use agreement).

For images you create yourself, send the image as an email attachment. Be sure to include image credit information.

Image is Everything

Select the perfect image (or images) to draw in your readers!

Make sure they are not limited by copyright restrictions.

See information below for tips and tricks!

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

Be sure the images you select are free from restrictions! Here are some sources to explore:

  • CC Search - a search engine to find freely available images via Creative Common.s
  • Flickr Commons - to limit search to Creative Commons, click Advanced Search and check the appropriate box. When you click on an image you like, look for the copyright info under "Additional Information" in the bottom right.
  • Wikimedia Commons - a database of freely usable media files.
  • Google Usage Rights - to limit search, click Advanced Search and select appropriate level of access under "usage rights".
  • MorgueFile - Free stock photos, created by artists for the common good.
  • Finding Images Guide - explore the JHU guide on how to locate images; note that most of these are not free of license restriction, be sure to explore each image individual for permission.

Some Rights Reserved This Photo is visible to everyone


Be sure to cite the source of your restriction-free image!


  • Image title
  • Image creator / username
  • Service providing access
  • Creative Commons license number or Public Domain designation
  • URL for image so we can link back to the original source

EXAMPLE: Image by Everyskyline via Flickr / CC by 2.0 






If you're talking about a particular database or licensed research tool, consider using the product logo in your post.

But, be sure to:

  • check for any specific restrictions on the vendor website
  • make the logo link directly to the product (proxified, of course!)

Like this:

morgue file