Advanced Google, Wikipedia, Open Web

The internet consists of approximately 4-5 billion websites. This guide is intended to help you navigate the visible internet in order to get the best of what it has to offer your research.

Rock the Search Bar

 There are plenty of tips and tricks that can be used to get the same type of functionality as Google Advanced Search right from the search bar. The extensive (but not exhaustive) list below can show you how to master the search bar and refine your search results.

Type (don't copy/paste) the example text or a search of your own into the search bar to see how these tips alter your search results.

“Unique Phrase”: Use quotation marks to get an exact phrase

  • ex. “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Search within a specific website

  • ex. Robert Crumb Search within a specific URL

  • ex. Batman

​ Finds content related to the provided URL.

  • ex.

​+ : Includes additional search terms

  • ex. Robert Crumb + Batman

​- : Exclude words by using the subtract sign

  • ex. Batman –Clooney

​​​* : An asterisk functions as a wildcard.

  • ex. * was in Shazam!

~ : Use a tilde to request synonymous words in the search result

  • ex. Publishers ~graphic novels

​| : Using a vertical bar functions like Boolean “OR”  to broaden your search results.

  • ex. Spiderman|Deadpool

1965..1972: Using 2 periods between numeric figures highlights information that falls within that range of years, money, etc.

  • ex. Iron Man 1965..1972

​Define: Provides a definition for a word or term.

  • ex. Define:Excelsior

link: Gets you the pages linked within a domain

  • ex.

Filetype: Allows you to specify what type of file you are looking for.

  • ex. Filetype:pdf This command provides a recently cached version of the site.

  • ex.

: Using the dollar sign in front of a number to search price

  • ex. Superman $5

​​​Search with an image: Yes, you can drag an image into the Google search bar and it will search for that and associated images. Visit Google Images!

I​magesize: Use this command to specify dimensions for an image file

  • ex. imagesize:500x400

Google can do math! Search “calculator” or just enter your equation into the search bar. 


Google can also provide conversions of measurements and currency.

  • ex. 167 mm to inches
  • ex. 48 dollars to dinar

​​[Shipping company] package tracking: This will bring up a search interface where you can track your package from within Google.

  • ex. FedEx package tracking

@social network: Use the @ to search social media platforms

  • ex. Peewee Herman @twitter

: Use the hashtag to search hashtags. (surprising, right?)

  • ex. “#thesnap”​