Performing the Archive

Research Guide for the Spring 2022 course Performing the Archive: 200 Years of US-Liberia Migration (AS.362.309) of Dr. Jasmine Blanks Jones

Using Worldcat

WorldCat is used for searching items held outside of JHU. You can then either locate versions we have locally or request via Borrow Direct or Inter-Library loan (ILL). WorldCat also has records for many archival collections as well. 


Books held at JHU

Using Catalyst to Find Primary Sources

Just because something has been published recently, doesn't mean it isn't a primary source! Look for terms like "correspondence" "memoir" "narrative" or "sources" in subject terms and descriptions to find primary source documents that have been collected in published works. You can utilize the subject terms from the books held at JHU or Worldcat to help locate relevant works.