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Background Information

Before you dive into primary and secondary sources, make sure you have a little bit more background on your topic so you know what you're looking for.  Look for general information about your topic, and important people, places and events connected to it.  Start with the background resources below.

Cambridge Histories of Science Look through the Cambridge Histories online to get an overview of your research topic. You can browse the list of topics, or search for something specific.

Oxford Encyclopedias

Oxford Handbooks Online: History Many volumes available to search, ranging chronologically from medieval times to the Cold War; regionally from the Americas to China; topically through race, religions, and gender to food; methodologically from oral history to environmental.

Core Databases

To find a list of core databases in the History of Science and Technology, please Browse by Subject in our Databases list. These are indexes that contain descriptions of both primary and secondary source materials. 

Primary Sources

Primary Source Periodicals

See guide on 20th Century Magazines 

See guide on Current News

See guide on Historical Newspapers

Digital Collections