Writing Resources

Writing tools, support, and tips.

Writing Centers

Here are links to selected excellent university writing centers in the U.S.

These sites include guides to all aspects of the writing process, discussions of writing in different disciplines, help with grammar and punctuation, citing sources, and more.

Style Guides

A style guide is a handbook that gives details about how to punctuate, capitalize, cite references, and do other details of writing.

Some of the library's style guides are online, and others are listed in the library catalog. There are several on D-level in the PE1408 section. They include:

See Citing Sources for more information about citing styles.

In addition, see the Purdue OWL's site for tips on resources for subject specific writing.

Usage and Grammar Guides

A usage guide or grammar guide is a book that illustrates how to use English correctly.

Most of these are on D-level in the Blue Labels, in the PE1460 section

The best-known guide deals with the basics of how to write "plain English" -- this is the classic

  • The Elements of Style / by William Strunk, Jr. ; with revisions, an introduction, and a chapter on writing by E.B. White
    PE1408.S772 2000

-- D-level Blue Labels
-- online here

Several recent usage manuals are quite funny and give clear examples. These include: 

Here are the library's recent (2015+) online grammar guides.