Tips and tricks for using RefWorks to manage citations, create bibliographies, and share citations.

What is RefWorks?

RefWorks is an online citation manager that helps you keep track of citations to books, articles, and other documents.
It can also create properly formatted bibliographies, and insert citations into your documents.

Use the New RefWorks

Please start using the NEW RefWorks platform when you can.

Right now, both versions of RefWorks are available: (old) Legacy RefWorks and (new) RefWorks.

  • If you currently use the (old) Legacy RefWorks but would like to transfer to the new one, please finish any documents you started in Legacy RefWorks -- you will not be able to finish them in the new RefWorks.

Please watch this short video about

  1. logging in to the new RefWorks, and
  2. moving your content from the old RefWorks to the new