Using R and Python

This libguide covers resources for learning and using R and Python.

Data Services Profile

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Public Data

  • Datasets within R: For a catalogue of the built-in datasets in R, click here
  • R package fivethirtyeight: Datasets used in Wanting to play with more datasets? You can now download the data packages used in the blogs on, a news website reporting on politics, sports, science, economics, and popular culture by means of data analysis. Click here to see the full catalogue of these datasets (last updated: 07-31-2019). 
  • Kaggle: Find and publish datasets: Kaggle’s online community allows data scientists and machine learning practitioners to exchange their data freely. No wonder Kaggle’s Public datasets platform contains data from bone x-rays to Animal Crossing.   
  • Open Baltimore: Baltimore city data: In support of a collaborative and transparent government, 26 departments in Baltimore city now publish their data online. People around the world can now download and interact with these maps and datasets for free on Open Baltimore
  • US government data: Aiming to make government more transparent and accountable, a group of federal agencies now publish their data on People around the world can now download datasets on a variety of issues, including demographics in a specific county and data about climate change. 
  • Data Is Plural: Data Is Plural sends a weekly newsletter of new and interesting datasets in a variety of formats and topics. View the full newsletter and dataset archive at
  • COVID datasets:

    • The raw data was pulled from the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (JHU CCSE) Coronavirus repository.​
    • {nCov2019}: An R package with real-time data, historical data and Shiny app​
    • {tidycovid19}: An R package to download, tidy and visualize Covid-19 related data​