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Find Cog Sci E-Books in Catalyst (Library Online Catalog)

The library provides access to millions of e-books, including quite a few in the field of Cognitive Science.  Here's how to search for and access these books:

Book Cover: Natural Language Processing

  • Start on the Catalyst Advanced Search page.
  • Under "Field Search," in the "Any Field" box, type in "Cognitive Science" (including quotation marks).
  • Click on the "Format" field and select "Books"--then click on Format again and select "Online."
  • In the date range fields, choose your start date.  If you choose no end date, then Catalyst assumes you want titles up to the latest publication date.
  • Click on the blue "Search" box AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.
  • On the results page, to narrow down your search even more, add words to the search terms (for example: "cognitive science" linguistics).

Selected Print Reference Books

These print books provide an overview of cognitive science. They are all shelved in the Science Reference collection on C-level of MSEL.

D-level Books

Two different classification schemes have been used to catalog the language and literature books on D-level. This table will help you figure out where Romance language books are kept. Many thanks to Sue Waterman for this information.


Blue Labels White Labels Description
PC 1001-2000 PG 1-1000 Italian language
PC 2001-3761 PH 1-1761 French language
PC 4001-5000 PJ 1-1000 Spanish language
PC 5001-5500 PJ 4001-4500 Portuguese language
PC 3800-3975 PH 1800-1975 Catalan
PF 3001-5999 PM 1-2999 German language