Hopkins History

About Our Founder

Photographic portrait of Johns HopkinsThere exists only one book-length biography of Johns Hopkins, written in 1929 by Helen Hopkins Thom, a grand-niece of the founder.  Entitled Johns Hopkins:  A Silhouette, it is based on anecdotes and reminiscences by her parents, aunts and uncles.  This biography was reprinted in 2009.

Johns himself left little in the way of personal papers, but the Sheridan Libraries do hold a small collection titled The Hopkins Family collection.

A biographical article, “Mr. Johns Hopkins,” was published in the Johns Hopkins Magazine in January 1974.  Despite references to events in 1974, this remains a useful, albeit brief account of our founder’s life.

Biographical dictionary compilations also include articles on Johns.  One of the more recent ones is in American National Biography.

Another good start for learning more about Johns Hopkins the man is his Wikipedia entry.