Online and print resources for the study of law.

Local Codes

Maryland State Codes and Regulations: Use sources like Westlaw or Nexis Uni. 

Administrative Law Sources

Note that the terms rules, regulations and administrative law or administrative code are often used interchangeably.

RULES AND REGULATIONS: The Federal Register is the official daily publication of rules, proposed rules, executive orders/presidential documents and notices of Federal agencies and organizations. The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is the codification of the general and permanent rules that were first published in the Federal Register.  To search for rules that are currently in effect, you will want to begin your search with the CFR.  The best places to search are:

  1. ProQuest Regulator Insight 
    Brings together histories for regulations that were created as a requirement of a federal statute or Executive Orders.  Includes Federal Register notices, proposed rules, and final rules into a research-friendly workspace.
  2. Nexis Uni 
    Select by publication name Federal Register or Code of Federal Regulations. Note that you can only access the Federal Register as far back as 1980.  The CFR content is updated weekly and is the current edition only.  For State-Level Codes and Regulations use the  Nexis Uni Advanced Search option then the Legal tab.
  3. HeinOnline
    Provides images of pages from both the printed CFR and Federal Register in the Federal Register Library (the CFR can be browsed separately if preferred).  The FR goes back to 1936, and the CFR is available as far back as 1938.
  4. The site is also a good resource that offers enhanced browseability. 
  5. Westlaw 
    Westlaw also offers state materials.