Online and print resources for the study of law.

Electronic International Sources


  1. Nexis Uni, choose International Legal in left menu.  Covers Canadian, EU and a few additional nations.
  2. ​Westlaw  Note that it covers European Union only.  To search in EU Cases, use the limiters found under the Select Databases section, European Union Library.
  3. HeinOnline.  Provides a little bit of everything - cases, yearbooks and reviews.  But the case detail is not very deep.
  4. Another more basic source is content compiled and hosted by the American Society of International Law.


  1. For information on treaties and trade law, you may use the United Nations International Law page.
  2. You may also consult the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) Web site.  Here you may search for current tariff information as well as view current investigations on infractions (including intellectual property issues, patents and trademark violations).  Note that if you want to look up associated patents and trademarks that you can find them in the US Patent and Trademark Office Database (easiest way is by number). 
  3. SAIS Library also has research guides on this topic.

JOURNAL PUBLICATIONS: The Maryland Journal of International Law (MJIL) is the University of Maryland School of Law’s newest journal.  It provides a unique forum for scholarly discourse on a wide range of issues of international and comparative law.