Public Health

Articles, books, statistics, how to cite references, and more information about the multidisciplinary field of public health.


Consumer Health Information -- Information for patients and other laypeople

Medical Textbooks

  • AccessMedicine is a database of respected medical textbooks, which can all be searched at once
  • Your search will give you a list of book chapters about your topic
  • To narrow your search, add another word to your search, or choose "Narrow by Topic"

Library Catalog -- Books

  • Search the library catalog for books about the general topic, using words such as "environmental," "contamination," or "pollution"
  • For example, here is a search for the phrase "environmental fate" in the TITLE
  • Use the filters on the left to set the date range and other limits that you want

Library Home Page --> Guides by Topic (on the right)

To find out what's in a database, click the little dot at the end of its name!

Sue Vazakas,

Shannon Simpson,



Guides by Topic

Medicine, Nursing, and Other Health Professions

--> Drugs and Pharmacology

  • Tabs include adverse effects, mechanisms of action, and PK/PD
  • Databases listed under each tab also include those from government agencies such as CDC and NIH

--> PubMed and EMBASE

  • Use PubMed; you won't need EMBASE
  • *Don't* use Google to find PubMed, or you won't be able to get to many of the full text of articles
  • MeSH headings give you definitions!


Guides by Topic

Earth and Environmental Sciences --> Online Resources

  • These databases have scholarly articles and some trade journal articles
  • Start with GeoRef and Scopus, and also EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Note the other tabs, which list additional databases

Medicine, Nursing, and Other Health Professions --> Drugs and Pharmacology

  • Databases under the "mechanisms of action" tab include environmental fate and toxicity, especially the HSDB


Guides by Topic

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering --> Online Resources

  • All databases under "Core" are journal articles
  • Databases under "Chemical and Material Properties" are *not* journal articles

Librarians who can help with this:

  • Jim Gillispie,GIS and Data Services on A Level,
  • Yunshan Ye, Political Science Librarian,

These gentlemen are both very smart and incredibly nice. Please send them a note as soon as you realize that you will need help!

Science news can be found in several places.

  • General Science Full-text -- This database includes articles from scholarly and trade publications, including Science, Nature, and the New York Times
  • ABI/INFORM -- This is a business database, which includes news about new products and other business-related topics
  • Guides by Topic --> News and Newspapers -- The sources under "Core" are current U.S. newspapers

Guides by Topic --> Citing Sources --> APA

  • Here are examples of how to cite articles, books and books chapters, reports, and more
  • Remember that ONLINE sources require MORE information, such as date accessed
  • Always err on the side of too much information rather than not enough; it's extremely important that your professors, readers, and future employers be able to find the information that you cite