Public Health

Articles, books, statistics, how to cite references, and more information about the multidisciplinary field of public health.

AMA Manual of Style

Epidemic Proportions uses the style of the American Medical Association.

Section 1: Preparing an Article for Publication


3. References

  • 3.11 - Print Journals
  • 3.12 - Print Books
  • 3.13 - Special Print Materials (including government reports, newspapers, personal communications, dissertations, and package inserts)
  • 3.14 - Other Media (including DVDs)
  • 3.15 - Electronic References (including online journals and newspapers, e-books, and web sites)
  • 3.16 - Legal References (including cases and legislative materials)

4. Visual Presentation of Data (includes tables and figures)

Section 2: Style
  • Includes grammar and punctuation
Section 3: Terminology
  • Includes abbreviations and Greek letters
Section 4: Measurement and Quantitation
  • Includes units of measure, numbers, percentages, and statistics