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Background Information

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Handbooks (most online)

Encyclopedias (all online)

These encyclopedias are good sources of information about aspects of family life worldwide.

Encyclopedia of Aging and Public Health (2008)

Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood in History and Society (2004)

  • Presents the social and cultural history of childhood from antiquity to the present
  • Articles on education, parenting, child labor, economics, children's literature, play, toys and games, health, law, and social welfare
  • Comparative articles include information about childhood in cultures throughout the world

Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition (2013)

  • Articles about a wide range of nutrition-related topics including food safety, weight management, vitamins, bioengineering of foods, plant-based diets,  raw foods, organic food, biofortification, nutritional labeling, the effect of religious customs on diet, and many more

Gale Encyclopedia of Public Health (2013)

Immigration and Asylum: from 1900 the the present (2005)

  • Traces the migration and asylum of immigrants from 1900 to the present
  • Examines the history, domestic politics, and foreign policy involved

International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family (2003)

  • An international, cross-cultural approach to topics including adolescent parenthood, family planning, cohabitation, widowhood, domestic violence, and commuter marriages
  • Includes articles specific to countries and religious traditions