Citing Sources

Learn about frequently-used citation styles and citation tools.

Citing Other Things

How do you cite an interview, a government report, a tweet or other item from a social medium, or an open web page?

The print and online versions of the styles listed on the left (e.g., APA) will all give examples of how to cite things that are not books or journal articles.

  • Government reports and white papers, whether in print or online, have a lot of pieces -- it is important to include all of them
  • Items in social media require as much information about them as you can provide, because they may be difficult or impossible for your readers to find or verify
  • A large percentage of existing web pages will disappear within a number of months or years, and they also require as much information as you can find
  • Here is help for how to cite patents

Remember that no citation tool is perfect -- you should always check your reference list to make sure that every citation has every piece that it needs  -- including things specific to online sources such as date accessed and URL -- to be complete and correct.