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MLA Style Resources

MLA Handbook Plus (online)

This is the online version of the 9th edition (2021) of the MLA (Modern Language Association) style guide.
(Read our blog post for more information.)

This platform includes:

Under the search box, there are links:

  • "MLA Handbook" goes to the Table of Contents
  • "Examples" has Citations and Sample Papers
  • "Courses" is nine videos about various aspects of the MLA style'
  • "Other Books" are the two books linked above

The print version of the MLA Handbook (also the 9th edition, 2021) can be requested through the library catalog.



Citing Generative AI (such as ChatGPT)

How Do I Cite Generative AI in MLA Style?
(ChatGPT 3.5 is used in their examples, but some was updated as recently as April 2023))

  • "You should cite a generative AI tool whenever you paraphrase, quote, or incorporate into your own work any content (whether text, image, data, or other) that was created by it"