Avoiding Plagiarism

Empowering Faculty to Fight Plagiarism

Over 1 in 3 undergraduate students admitted to plagiarizing. About 1 in 4 graduates admitted to plagiarizing.Plagiarism is a major issue for educators. A seminal study of over 70,000 students found that more than one in three undergraduates and about one in four graduate students admitted to plagiarizing in the past year (McCabe, 2005, p. 6). Professors can make a huge impact on preventing and reducing plagiarism in their classrooms through course design and facilitation techniques. We have created this guide to empower faculty to reduce the risk of plagiarism for their students. Explore the pages: 

  • Helping Prevent Plagiarism in the Classroom: Learn more about how to reduce the risk on plagiarism in your classroom using research-based best practices. 
  • Avoiding Plagiarism Course: Get key information on the online JHU Avoiding Plagiarism course that is available university-wide. 
  • Course FAQs for Faculty: Find answers to your questions about the Avoiding Plagiarism course, including those on student enrollment, troubleshooting, and course details.