Avoiding Plagiarism


Plagiarism is defined as taking for your own use the words, ideas, concepts or data of someone else without giving proper credit. JHU takes plagiarism seriously. Students caught plagiarizing can face a range of sanctions from failing an assignment to being asked to leave a program. JHU requires academic excellence through original thought and the respectful sharing of ideas. Plagiarism undermines this goal. Through this guide and the associated online course, learn more about how you can avoid plagiarism in your academic career and beyond. 

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We review the definition of plagiarism and common knowledge, in addition to how to cite, quote, paraphrase, and summarize. Also, we show how different choices and factors can increase or decrease our risk of plagiarizing. Explore the pages in the navigation menu to get an overview, and take the Avoiding Plagiarism course for a deeper look at these topics. 

Take the avoiding plagiarism - it is an online self paced module with 7 topics including citing, quoting and paraphrasing. It is interactive and allows you to take the section you need. You will be able to receive a certificate of completion.

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For an interactive way to learn this information and more, take the Avoiding Plagiarism at JHU course on MyLearning. This course will help you learn the basics of avoiding plagiarism during your academic career and beyond. It provides detailed information, activities, and quizzes to check your knowledge. If you successfully complete the module, you will ensure you know how to avoid plagiarism and receive a certificate.

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If you run into any technical difficulties, please first review the directions and the course home page, and if you still need help, fill out the Avoiding Plagiarism Technical Help Form.