Avoiding Plagiarism

Why Avoid Plagiarism?

JHU requires original ideas, writing, and research from its students. Plagiarism undermines this goal. These are some personal reasons why students choose not to plagiarize. Select the reason that most resonates with you.
The original creator of an idea has a right to intellectual ownership of their original ideas. I want to maintain the rights to my work.: 92 votes (26.51%)
Coursework done with stolen ideas is of poor quality. I have pride in my own ideas.: 39 votes (11.24%)
I am here to learn and not just to pass courses and get a degree. The more you learn how to express your own ideas, the more success you will have in your academic and professional career.: 216 votes (62.25%)
Total Votes: 347

School Plagiarism Policies

Did you know that even if you don’t know your school’s plagiarism policy, you could still have sanctions if you accidentally plagiarize? 

It's true! JHU takes plagiarism seriously, and each of its schools has a specific policy that sets out what plagiarism is and the consequences. You are responsible for understanding and adhering to your school’s policies.  It is important to review them to ensure that you understand your responsibilities and rights as a student. 

Undergraduate Students

Please see your policy on the Student Affairs page

Graduate Students

Please navigate to the Academic Integrity Policies page and select your school to see your policy.

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