Avoiding Plagiarism

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Recognizing when you need support is crucial. Many instances of plagiarism occur when students are stressed or simply don’t know what support is available. If you are stressed or unsure of how to proceed, reach out for assistance to help you avoid plagiarism. There is a variety of support and help available. Explore the tabs in the following box to learn more about what services JHU offers.

Available Help

  • Who can access it? All JHU students
  • How do I get help? Contact your instructor or teaching assistant
  • How does it help? They can give guidance on your topics, suggest ways to narrow your topic, suggest scholarly resources, and possibly provide extensions for when work is due
  • Who can access it? All JHU students
  • How do I get help? Visit the Library Help page to connect with your division's library.
  • How does it help? They can make an appointment with you to suggest scholarly resources, demonstrate effective techniques to search for information, and introduce you to resources that will strengthen your skills to avoid plagiarism (e.g., official style manuals and scholarly databases)

  • Take the avoiding plagiarism - it is an online selWho can access it? All JHU students
  • How do I get help?  Writing Resources Guide,Citing Sources Guide and the Avoiding Plagiarism Course
  • How does it help? Provide guidance for staring your paper, proper citation techniques such as formatting in-text citations, creating full citations lists, paraphrasing, formatting papers, and strategies to avoid plagiarism
  • Who can access it? JHU Students (if it is used within your course)
  • How do I get help? Speak to your instructor or TA
  • How does it help? Faculty may ask you to turn in assignments through these services within your courses. These tools can help you and your instructor see how original your work is and how carefully you have avoided plagiarism.
  • Who can access it? All JHU students
  • How do I get help? Visit the RefWorks guide, or ask a librarian to help you to learn about citation managers. Visit the library home page and select the "Chat with a Librarian" tab (usually at the bottom right of the page)
  • How does it help? It saves time with citing and managing your sources, and generating in-text citations and reference lists in the style of your choice

How does it help? Both services offer a range of support to students, including counseling, time management assistance, stress management, and many other types of support

Counseling Center

  • Who can access it? Full-time students from KSAS, Whiting, and the Peabody Institute
  • How do I get help? Visit the Counseling Services website


  • Who can access it? SPH, Carey, EP, SAIS, SOE, SOM, and SON students
  • How do I get help? Visit the JHSAP website

Who can access it? Available to Carey, KSAS, SAIS, and Whiting students

How do I get help? Visit the website for your writing center:

How does it help? Meet with a tutor to get help with clarifying an initial focus, developing a thesis, structuring an argument, integrating sources, and revising a draft

Also, starting a paper? See our Writing Resources Guide

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