Computer Science and Information Security

Technical, business-related, and global information about computer science and information security.

Some Special Book Collections

The MICCAI (Medical Image Computing and ComputerAssisted Intervention) Society's conferences are published ONLINE by Springer.

Search MICCAI papers here.


The famous lectures by Richard Feynman are available online.

  •  They can be read for free, but not downoaded

Start with Background Information

Get an overview of your topic by searching handbooks, textbooks, and review articles.

Handbooks and Manuals (online):
  • AccessEngineering -- Search across engineering reference books in all areas of engineering at the same time, including Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, Perry’s Chemical Engineers Handbook, Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers, and many more
  • Synthesis Collection of Technology -- Use these short ebooks to get an overview of subjects you need to learn about
Review Articles -- These are overviews of a topic, including its history and state of the art. They are longer than most articles, and have lots of references. 
  • Comp Sci and Engineering -- Do a search in Compendex, and add the word  "review" to the article TITLE
  • Medicine and related topics -- Do a search in PubMed, and choose "review article" (under "Article Type," on the left)
  • Annual Reviews -- This database has ALL review articles, including information technology