Medicine, Nursing, and Other Health Fields

Articles and information about medicine, nursing, pharmacology, and other health fields, as well as JH medical libraries and institutions.

Online Resources

To search for topics across collections of books and textbooks:

1. The library catalog includes ALL of our ~1 million e-books
--- Do your search, then use FORMAT (on the left) to choose "Books," and then "Online"

2. Search the AccessMedicine database
--- These are well-known medical textbooks, and your search will find book chapters about your topic

3. Search the e-book collection of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information, at NLM)
--- Or, browse the titles here -- for books ONLY, look under "Types" and choose Book
--- There are lots of topics available. To see them all, look under "Subjects" and choose "More"

Some databases require passwords, or only allow a limited number of simultaneous users.

To find this information:

  1. On the library home page, choose Articles and Databases --> DATABASES --> and search either the the database name (using the box), or subject (using "Browse all databases"):

  2. Choose the database you want from the list:

  3. If the number of users is restricted, you will see a Note at the bottom (as shown above).
    If the database needs a password, click on it and you will be taken to a page that will tell you the password and other things you need to know:

Definitions -- Make sure that you define concepts so that your audiences understand the scope of what you're discussing.

Consumer Information

Global -- Check the Statistics -- Worldwide page on the Public Health guide

Medical Textbooks (Online) -- These have a lot of overlap, so don't stress about which one to choose -- start with AccessMedicine.

Bioethics Definitions and Issues -- The 3rd edition (2004) of the Encyclopedia is online, as shown on this guide's home page.

  • If you need history or comparisons to earlier thinking, the 1st and 2nd editions are in print, as shown on that page

Here is the research guide for Chemistry.

  • If you have an e-mail that ends in "," you can use ChemDraw (scroll down)
  • German/English and English/German chemical dictionary (scroll down)
  • Find a journal abbreviation with CASSI (scroll down)
  •  Register for SciFinder using these instructions

Information about Other Subjects

1. Library home page --> Databases

2.  Click "Browse list of databases"


3. Choose a subject to see the databases with information about it.


4. In each list, start with the databases under CORE -- they are the best and most relevant 

  • For a description about the database's topics, click "More Info" next to the database name


"PICO" is the acronym for the concepts used to create good research questions (Patient or Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome).

Please look at the UNC Health Sciences Library guide for more information.

On the Welch Library's YouTube channel is help with PubMed and other databases, and how to find particular kinds of information.

The Welch informationists have written research guides in their areas of expertise.


To find the guides:

  • go to this page
  • click in the box on the right that says "Informationist Guide Topics"
  • the list of guides will appear

The guides are:

(as of January 2020)