Explore engineering articles, patents, standards, and other information.

Your Librarians

Engineering Librarians
Contact Info:
Stephen Stich 410-516-8357
Susan Vazakas 410-516-4153

Conference Papers

OSTI (Office of Scientific and Technical Information) provides access to the huge collection of DoE's publications.

  • Their Science Conference Proceedings portal searches 26 national labs and professional societies for citations to conference papers.
  • There is some overlap with other databases, but proceedings can be tough to find so this is another source.

Research Tools

Online Resources for Engineering

These databases have journal articles, conference papers, physical data, and other information.
  1. Start with Compendex, the biggest engineering database, which covers all areas
  2. See the list of journals and other publications included in Compendex ("Compendex Source List," on the left)
  3. To see a description of every database in this list, click the button next to its name

Note: The list of databases and tools for Computer Science and Security is slightly different from the Engineering list.

Google Scholar

In all databases as well as Google Scholar, always use "Advanced Search."

  • This will let you focus your search to get better results, as well as save you a lot of time









In all library databases plus Google Scholar, the FINDIT@JHU link will show you all of the ways that you can get an article.

  • On a Hopkins computer, Google Scholar automatically shows you FIND IT@JHU  links
  • But on a non-Hopkins device (like your laptop), you should either
    --- log in through the portal (, OR
    --- go to the library home page , choose "Articles and Databases," and use the "Google Scholar" tab

If you do not see "FIND IT" next to the citation, look below the citation and click on the little arrow. Usually, the FINDIT link will magically appear.