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These databases have journal articles, conference papers, physical data, and other information.

What is in each database? Get a description by clicking "More Info" :


Information about Other Subjects:

1. Library home page --> Databases

2.  Click "Browse list of databases"


3. Choose a subject to see the databases with information about it:


4. In each list, start with the databases under CORE -- they are the best and most relevant 

  • For a description about the database's topics, click "More Info" next to the database name:


Who else is doing this kind of work? How many times has this article been cited?

Have you found a great article about your topic?

  • See who cited that article (that is, mentioned it in *their* article)
  • See how many times that article has been cited by other authors

If the author of your favorite article was cited by someone else, there is a good chance that the citing author (that is, the person who mentioned *your* article) is doing similar work. (Remember that newer articles will not have had time to be cited by other authors.)

Databases that tell you the citing authors, and how many times an article has been cited, are:

  1. Scopus -- (see screen shots below)
  2. Web of Science -- (see screen shots below)
  3. Google Scholar -- Under each item on the left, it gives the number of citations
    NOTE: Google Scholar's number will always be too high, because it adds additional things such as lecture notes and Powerpoint slides.

In Scopus: Do your search, change the Sort to "Cited by (highest)," and click the number under "Cited by" next to your article:


In Web of Science: Do your search using "Cited References":

On the results page, click on "Citing Articles" so that the little arrow points down (meaning "highest to lowest"), and then click on the number next to the article whose citing articles you want to see: