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JHU Technologies

JHU Research Administration

  • Includes the university offices which oversee sponsored projects including contracts, grants, and funding opportunities
  • Provides administrative support and resources for JHU researchers, on issuse such as compliance, policies and regulations, funding, forms, training, and technology transfer

JHU Technology Transfer

  • Helps Hopkins inventors and researchers with licensing, patenting, and technology commercialization

Getting Started

Patent Protects an invention
Copyright Protects an original artistic or literary work
Trademark       A "word, phrase, symbol or design...that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others"

Patent searching requires patience -- give yourself time.

Patent Databases

Patents on the Web


  • Google Patents  -- After you do a search, use the fields in the left column to narrow your search
  • PAT2PDF -- Enter a patent number to find and dowlnoad patents from the USPTO


Patent Applications

  • FreshPatents -- Find the latest U.S. PTO published applications before they are granted or denied