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Standards from the Library

The IEEE database, called "IEEE Xplore," contains the full text of IEEE journal articles, conference proceedings, and *published* standards from 1988 to the present.

  • This database includes *some* ANSI, IEC, IEC/IEEE, and ISO/IEEE standards

We do not have access to the following IEEE standards:

  • Draft and unpublished standards -- they are listed, but the full text is not included
  • Arc Flash standards
  • Smart Grid Vision Documents (located in the Standards section but not really Standards)

We have the full text of ASTM standards.

  • Make sure to notice whether the standard is "active,"  vs. "historical" or "withdrawn"

Location:  MSEL C-level, in the Science Reference section, TA401 .A525. We buy a new set every three years. 

Using them:

  1. If you need a standard's number, look at the online ASTM home page
  2. From the left column, choose "Standards," and enter a keyword in search box; e.g., "knee"
  3. Click on the standard you'd like to see; e.g., "ASTM F1814-97a(2003) Standard Guide for Evaluating Modular Hip and Knee Joint Components." [Make sure to notice whether the standard is "active," vs. "historical" or "withdrawn."]
  4. Notice the number after "Book of Standards Volume." In this case, it's 13.01.
  5. Each "section" is a broad topic -- section 13 is "Medical Devices and Services," so that's the section that you'll use the most. Within each section are numbers that give the broad topic more specific divisions.
  6. ASTM standards are grouped by broad subject areas in each volume, and then numerically by number within the volume. Go to the print edition and choose Volume 13.01, and then follow the headings at the tops of the pages until you get to F1814 etc. The full standard includes figures and tables.

The library has a few other standards, such as these ISO's.

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