German Language and Literature

Resources, both online and elsewhere, for the German language and literature.

Access to Dissertations

In Europe

DissOnline: Open access dissertations online, a service of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek.

Austrian dissertation database: now combined with the Verbundsuchmaschine

Helveticat. The Swiss National Library has a copy of all dissertations written in the country. Add the word “diss” to your search terms in order to retrieve dissertations.

EthOs: British Library dissertations

Index to Theses: comprehensive listing of theses with abstracts in universities in the United Kingdom and Ireland since 1716.

Buy Your Own

As a last resort, you can purchase dissertations directly.

Dissertation Express : US, from ProQuest

  • Verify using the tools listed above that the document is not otherwise available to you free before ordering.
  • If Interlibrary Loan can't locate a copy to borrow.
  • Use a credit card or fax payment.
  • Orders are shipped directly to you.


Print Catalogues

  • Catalogues in the library collections will usually treat a particular subject, time period, or institution.
  • You can locate printed catalogues of dissertations easily in the online catalog
  • Or in WorldCat.
  • For either database, do a Subject Keyword search on:  Dissertations Germany bibliography.