German Language and Literature

Resources, both online and elsewhere, for the German language and literature.

Find Books on a Theme

  • You can do a Keyword search on the 2 components In the catalog. This is less precise, but often fruitful:
  • You can also try:

Find Articles on Themes in Literary Works

Search these reference collections


  • For many authors there will be a volume in Cambridge Companions. Or cross search the entire archive.
    • These volumes often discuss a theme.
  • Oxford Scholarship Online is another cross-searchable database.
  • LION has good basic information on writers and their works.
    • The e-texts portion of LION is English-language works.
    • But the criticism and reference components treat writers of many nationalities.
  • Search the library catalog for handbooks (sometimes called  an Encyclopedia, or Dictionary). These volumes often discuss themes.
  • Another possiblity is the MLA series "Approaches to teaching".