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Resources, both online and elsewhere, for the Spanish language and literature, including Latin American.

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Bibliografia de la Literatura Espanola desde 1980

   Bibliografía de la Literatura Española desde 1980

  • Essential resource for Spanish-language scholarship. Many resources not in the MLA.
  • Don't be fooled by the date "1980. This refers only to the publication date of the content indexed.
  • Covers ALL periods of Spanish AND Latin American literature.

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These documents are absolutely essential for grad students; faculty too.

Nearly complete lists of the most importand and valuable resources for scholarly research in literature.

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While the MLA International Bibliography is an essential resource to use, there are many other databases that index articles, book chapters, and other scholarship on French literature and other humanities disciplines.

Online Texts

  • Google Books now has the complete page images from thousands of books, most of them "old". Use the Advanced Search for more precision. Try searching on a phrase from the book you're looking for. Or keywords that will easily identify it.16th to 20th centuries
  • Biblioteca Digital Hispánica: un recurso en línea de la Biblioteca Nacional de España, que proporciona acceso libre y gratuito a miles de documentos digitalizados

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