International Studies

Explore general resources for international research. For in-depth, esp. foreign language sources, please consult relevant reseach guides focusing on specific regions, such as guides for East Asian Studies, Latin American Studies etc.

Library Orientation (East Asian Studies)

Finding East Asian Language Resources

Tools for finding books

  • Catalyst (Library Catalog): Use Advanced Search function in Catalyst and limit search to Chinese (or Japanese, Korean as needed).
  • WorldCat: use WorldCat to find books beyond our library collections. 
  • Duxiu (读秀): use Duxiu to find Chinese books published after 1949 to recent years. Our library owns about 700,000 books, out of the 2 million books in the database. You can request 50 pages at a time for books not owned by the library. 
  • CNKI Ebooks: This database includes a growing collection of 15,000+ Chinese books. 
  • CNKI Dissertations: This database covers Chinese theses and dissertations from 2000 to current. 

Tools for finding articles and more

  • For Chinese sources, the major database is CNKI. We own most resources on the platform except for Conference Proceedings, Yearbooks, Patents,  and Laws.  You can cross search everything that we subscribe to, including
    • Academic Journals
    • Theses and Dissertations
    • Newspapers
    • Books
    • Monographic Series
    • Government documents

Tools for social sciences

Tools for finding historical sources