International Studies

Explore general resources for international research. For in-depth, esp. foreign language sources, please consult relevant reseach guides focusing on specific regions, such as guides for East Asian Studies, Latin American Studies etc.

Current News and Issues

Roll Call: Provides Capital Hill and Washington DC news and analysis since 1955. 

National Journal: now online only, it has been a staple in American media that covers legislative and political news and analysis. 

The Hill: an American political news magazine and website founded in 1994. 

General News

For more news sources, go to the library Newspaper Database List

Legislative Branch

Proquest Congressional
An index of U.S. congressional publications, with abstracts and links to full-text documents and related sites.

CQ Congress Collection
A dynamic research and reference tool allowing historical analysis of members of Congress, their legislative voting behavior, interest groups, and their interactions in crafting public policy.
The official website of the US Congress.
The official website of the US government information, including all three branches.

Executive Branch

Hein Online
Our subscription to HeinOnline includes access to the Federal Register Library, Code of Federal Regulations, Foreign and International Law Resources Database, Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS), Legal Classics, Treaties and Agreements Library and the U.S. Presidential Library.

The US Presidential Library
HeinOnline's U.S. Presidential Library includes such titles as Messages and Papers of the Presidents, Public Papers of the Presidents, CFR Title 3 (Presidents), Weekly Compilation of the Presidential Documents, and other documents relating to U.S. Presidents.

The Federal Register Library
The Federal Register Library contains the Federal Register from its inception in 1936, the Code of Federal Regulations, the Administrative Procedure Act, Code of Emergency Federal Regulations, the U.S. Government Manual and the Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents. The Federal Register is the main source for the United States federal government agencies' proposed new rules, final rules, changes to existing rules and notices of Federal agencies and organizations, as well as executive orders and other Presidential documents.

Federal Register Official Website

Judicial Branch

CQ Supreme Court Collection
Includes historical analysis with timely updates and expert commentary of Supreme Court decisions, biographies of Supreme Court justices, Supreme Court institutional history, and the U.S. Constitution.

US Supreme Court Library
Includes complete coverage of the official U.S. Reports from 1754 onwards, as well as Preliminary Prints from 2002 onwards and Slip Opinions from 2002 to date. The collection also includes a variety of resourceful books and periodicals such as, the Supreme Court Economic Review and the Supreme Court Review.

Searches a collection of primary and secondary legal research materials that includes federal and state case law, court rules, statutory and regulatory materials, reference publications.

US Foreign Relations and Declassified Information

Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS)

US Treaties and Agreements Library

Digital National Security Archive

US Declassified Documents Online (DDRS)

For more declassified information, go to the relevant government agency website, which usually includes a page of declassified information from that agency, such as FBI Vault.

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