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The Library Catalog

The library catalog is a powerful database, helping you to find research published in all forms of media, from streaming resources to books in print.

It can be a bit cumbersome to use, so try to use filters if you are having too many weird results. You can filter by things like language, date range, media type.

Finding Resources on the Performing Arts

Online Forums & Popular Journals

Online movie forums provide access to conversations surrounding film, ranging from popular discussion to intense debate.  Many can be searched and viewed without creating an account.  Here are a few places you may want to explore if you are interested in how people are chatting about The Tragedy of Macbeth (note: all reddit subthreads have a search feature):

  • r/TrueFilm: A niche subreddit featuring threads on  "cinema" over "popular movies."
  • r/movies: A popular subreddit meant to be an inclusive forum to discuss all aspects and all kinds of movies. Great for finding discussions on movie trailer releases and awards talk.
  • Letterboxd: A fan community for the discussion of film. Comments range from a simple "I like it!" to in-depth commentary.
  • Bright Lights is an online journal featuring articles and reviews written by film scholars, enthusiasts, and journalists.


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