Esri Software Access

Information and links to Esri software and data for the JHU community


Welcome to the Esri Software Access and Resources libguide! 

JHU Data Services manages an education site license on behalf of Johns Hopkins University, with Esri, the leading provider of geospatial software and applications. This license provides access to a range of both desktop and enterprise software, as well as software-as-a-service, web-based platforms. 

Use this libguide to:
  • request technical support or a consultation on using Esri software; 
  • find answers to frequently asked questions;
  • review the Esri education site license policies and guidelines;
  • download Esri desktop software and access Esri's online web applications;
  • access resources and training on Esri GIS software.

Our Libguides

JHU Data Services supports members of the JHU community with a spectrum of resources for working with data. We have many guides to help you in your research and/or teaching endeavors:
 GIS & Maps
Geospatial Concepts An overview of introductory geospatial concepts
Esri Software Access Information and links to download Esri software and data for the JHU community
Teaching GIS & Maps Resources for JHU community members teaching GIS
Maps & Online Map Resources Information on accessing Johns Hopkins University's map collection, and beyond

Data Access
Data and Statistics Information on accessing data and statistics for a variety of subject areas

Data Management & Analysis
Data Management Best practices for data management 
Documenting Research Data Collection of resources shared in Data Services' Documenting Your Research Data online module
Human Subject Identifiers Introduction to concepts and techniques for protecting and removing human subject identifiers
Qualitative Data Analysis Software Overview and resource links for qualitative data analysis software (QDAS) such as nVivo and ATLAS.ti
Using R and Python Resources for learning and using R and/or Python in your research.

Data Visualization
Data Visualization Guide for technologies, techniques, and best practices for data visualization.
These materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, attributable to Data Services, Johns Hopkins University.