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<>New Digital Resources for China Studies

  • Late Qing and Republican Era Books and Periodicals Full Text Database (1833-1949)

Our library now provides access to a digital collection of Late Qing and Republican Era Books and Periodicals. Developed by Shanghai Library, the database includes over 120k digitized books and approximately 400 periodical titles, all accessible on Shanghai Library's Quan guo bao kan suo ying (CNBKSY) platform. Please note that we currently only own the first two modules, "Modern Book" and "Modern Periodical" (the Late Qing and Republican era books and periodicals), but not other modules such as Contemporary Periodical, Chinese Newspapers and Foreign Newspapers on the same platform. You can limit your search to what we own only by checking the first two modules. 

Here is the link to the database. Or access from the East Asian Language Sources page in Research Guide for East Asian Studies. 

  • CNKI Theses and Dissertations Full Text Database

To facilitate access to Chinese theses and dissertations, we have switched the formerly Wanfang product, Dissertations of China, to its equivalent, China Theses and Dissertations Full Text Database, on  the CNKI platform. We can now access Chinese theses and dissertations via CNKI. Here is the link to the database.  We can also access this and other CNKI databases on the CNKI portal page.  We now own most of the products on the CNKI platform (except for Yearbooks and Patents). 


<>Latest on OA Publishing

Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Libraries is exploring several types of open access agreements with publishers to make it easier for our researchers and authors to publish more openly without fees. Take advantage of our current open access offers listed here. 

Of note, Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Libraries recently added a new partnership with Cambridge University Press (CUP) starting this year. Our corresponding authors can now publish open access in fully and hybrid open access CUP journals without paying article processing charges. Researchers must opt-in to open access upon article submission or retroactively (2022 articles only) select the open access option. JHU entered this arrangement to ensure more of JHU’s research is published open access without added costs to the researcher. 

For more information about Open Access Publishing through Johns Hopkins Libraries’ agreements contact Caitlin Carter (ccarte63@jhmi.edu) or Liz Mengel (emengel@jhu.edu) and check our library guides: Eisenhower Library Open Access Guide and Welch Library Scholarly Publishing and Open Access Guide


<>Trial for Chinese Digitized Books and Magazines with OCR from Republican Era


1.       《中国近代图书全文数据库》(目前仅书名信息检索,全文检索将于12月上线)

2.       《中国近代中文期刊全文数据库 – OCR精品库》(包含文学、电影、红色专题)

网址:www.cnbksy.com 试用时间:2021.10.20 - 2022.1.20

>Trial for Chinese Law Database, Faxin

We have just started trial for a major Chinese law database, 法信. The database covers Chinese laws, cases, interpretations, and relevant journals, books and news reports. 网址:http://www.faxin.cn  测试账号:zhongtu 密码:zhongtu . Please give it a try and send your feedback to Yunshan Ye (yye@jhu.edu). 


<>Sign Up for Library Orientation Fall 2021!

To help students navigate the library system and be prepared for their class research assignments, Mr. Yunshan Ye, librarian for Political Science, International Studies and East Asian Studies, is offering a general library orientation to new and returning students in Political Science, International Studies and East Asian Studies. The one-hour workshop covers 

  • Navigating the library on site and online;
  • Tools for general search for books and articles;
  • Tools for finding subject specific sources in Political Science, International Studies and East Asian Studies;
  • How to get help when needed. 

Three identical sessions will be offered at 3pm-4pm on September 21 Tuesday, September 22 and September 23. 

To sign up, go to the link and select a session  (https://forms.office.com/r/0mZQA0mfBz). Please email Librarian Yunshan Ye at yye@jhu.edu if you have any questions. Thanks!


<>Library Update #1 (9/8/2021)

Our library has mostly resumed normal operations, even though turnover time for book requests and other services may take longer than usual, due to the ongoing challenges of the pandemic. If you have any issues with library services, please feel free to contact me directly at yye@jhu.edu. I will try my best to expedite the process if possible. 

Another development in the library might impact your use of the library is that the long overdue modernization project at Eisenhower Library is currently under way. Books are being moved out of the building to the off-campus storage facilities. The actual construction probably will not start until later next year and it might take two to three years (more to come on this).  In the meantime, the best way to access our library book collections is use the library catalog, Catalyst. This is true even without the modernization project. Due to limited space, the book collection inside the Eisenhower library building represents only a portion of the entire library collection.  A large chunk of the collection is housed at Library Service Center (LSC), the off-campus storage facility,  and branch libraries. Besides, our ebook collection has been growing fast, especially during the lockdown last year.  The number of ebooks is now about the same as that of print. To "browse" the entire collection (books at all locations, print and digital books), you can search the Catalyst and then use the Catalyst browse feature to find all similar books (see this blog post for details). 

--Yunshan Ye, Librarian for Political Science, International Studies and East Asian Studies