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Finding Books and Journals

  • A large number of our journals are available as e-only.
  • Current print issues of many literary journals are in the Current Periodicals area on M-level, shelved in the shelves by call number.
  • Some current issues are shelved in the shelves, as are recent older issues.
  • Print copies of older issues may also be stored at the Libraries Service Center.  You can request the journal issue be brought to the library for pick-up or you can request a free scan of the article.
  • Find the call numbers you need by searching Catalyst by journal title and limit format to "journal/newspaper."
  • If we do not have access to an article you need, you can request a copy for free via ILL.

Literary works can be found in the shelves of the Eisenhower Library in the call number ranges below.

The Blue Label Section of D-level covers publication dates from 1961 to present.

American   PS 3550-3626
British       PR 6050-6126 
French     PQ 2660-2686 
German     PT 2600-2688 
Italian     PQ 4860-4926    
Russian     PG 3475-3490 
Latin American        PQ 7000-8560 
Spanish     PQ 6651-6726 
Caribbean, African, Indian        PR 9205-9570 
Arabic     PJ 7577-8417 
Chinese     PL 2261- 2979 
Japanese  PL 782-866  
Canadian  PR 9199.2-9199.3

The White Label Section of D-level covers works published before 1961.

American PQ 3550-3626
British PO 6050-6126   
French PH 2660-2686   
German PM 2600-2688   
Italian PG 4860-4926   
Russian PR 3475-3490   
Latin American PJ 7000-8560   
Spanish PJ 6651-6726   
Caribbean, African, Indian      PO 9205-9570   
Arabic PT 7577-8417   
Chinese PX 2261-2979 
Japanese PX 782-866   
Canadian PO 9199.2-9199.3   

Many of our collections are shelved off-campus, at the Libraries Service Center. You can request these books using Catalyst--if the book you want is at the LSC, just click on the "request" button, and the book will be delivered to your designated location. You'll get an email when it arrives.

Books and periodicals published before 1900, rare books, and fragile materials are kept in Special Collections and generally must be used in our M-level Reading room located in the Brody Learning Commons or the George Peabody Library at 17 East Mount Vernon Place.

  • McNaughton Plan books on M-level, under the stairs.
  • Recent bestsellers are there, both fiction and non-fiction.
  • Books are available for a 2-week checkout (with one renewal).