International Business

Resources for studying business, management, economic, social, geographic, and political topics involving countries throughout the world.

Data and Statistics (Print Resources)

The GIS and Data librarians, on A-level, can assist you in obtaining statistics, economic indicators, demographic data and other information released by the U.S. government or the country.

Official publications of foreign countries will identify credible sources that the country provides.

Yearbooks, statistical abstracts, and compendia released by a country may be available in print, online or on microfilm.  Consult with librarians to locate. 

Try these print reference books to locate statistics and rankings, now available in online format:

Statistical Abstract of the United States
Also available in print.

Business Rankings Annual
(company and industry rankings)
current online in Gale Directory Library

Market Share Reporter
(company and industry rankings)
current online in Gale Directory Library

Statistics sources: a subject guide to data on industrial, business, social, educational, financial, and other topics for the United States and internationally
(online in Gale Directory Library)

Data Sources

Multi-Purpose Databases

Consult these resources for various types of information pertaining to your country.