International Business

Resources for studying business, management, economic, social, geographic, and political topics involving countries throughout the world.


Search Catalyst (the library's online catalog) to find numerous print and e-books on marketing with an international focus.

Some Title or Subject searches:

  • international marketing
  • international market
  • International business
  • global market
  • foreign trade
  • globalization
  • export marketing
  • International business enterprises -- marketing
  • Marketing -- (specific country, region, or continent)
  • Marketing research -- (subcategories followed by region, country or continent)

Information on Specific Industries

Marketing and Advertising

Doing Business in. . .

  • Start with the Country Commercial Guides at
  • World Bank E-Library
    View the "Doing Business" series of annual reports in this licensed database. 
  • might provide some free information online or lead you to a list of publications for your country which focus on regulations. 
  • Use a web search engine (e.g. to find similar reports or recent business information for a country. Search example: "Doing Business in" Thailand.
  • The library may have some Doing Business in. . . publications for selected countries. Search Catalyst, the JHU Libraries' catalog, for these terms, your country or region, or resources on business culture or cross-cultural.  These publications provide background and address regulations, barriers to entry, etiquette and other aspects.
  • Identify additional Doing Business in. . . publications in WorldCat. Borrow them for free through your Interlibrary Loan account.