International Business

Resources for studying business, management, economic, social, geographic, and political topics involving countries throughout the world.


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  • international marketing
  • international market
  • International business
  • global market
  • foreign trade
  • globalization
  • export marketing
  • International business enterprises -- marketing
  • Marketing -- (specific country, region, or continent)
  • Marketing research -- (subcategories followed by region, country or continent)

Doing Business in. . .

  • This U.S. Department of Commerce website includes a collection of Country Commercial guides, trade statistics, how-to guides for conducting business global, and much more.
  • Business Ready (B-READY) and Doing Business Archive World Bank's new report benchmarks the business environment worldwide. Link to the "Doing Business" archive provides historical context.
  • World Bank E-Library for publications on regulations and doing business abroad.

Information on Specific Industries

Marketing and Advertising