Biomedical Engineering and Design

Information specific to BME and BME/CBID design teams.

Cells and Molecules

These are the best databases for biology-related journal articles, and other kinds of information.

  • BIOSIS is the major database for this topic

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at the National Library of Medicine (NLM) has an amazing number of database.

Below are links to two well-known catalogs of genes and disorders.

The Current Protocols database includes calculators and tools, such as

  • buffer calculator
  • common laboratory recipes calculator
  • G-force/RPM conversion tool
  • polyacrylamide recipes calculator


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Colloquium Digital Library of Life Sciences (advanced search) -- Short e-books about specific topics in life sciences, including cell and tissue engineering

-- Put your search words in the TITLE, to get better results

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences -- Peer-reviewed encyclopedia articles to give you an overview of your topic
NOTE: The information has probably not been updated since 2014.

  • Use the search box in the middle of the page
  • If you get too many hits, add more words
  • If you see old results, change the sort to DATE to get the newest on top

Videos and Images

Here are some sources of medicine-related images.
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