Biomedical Engineering and Design

Information specific to BME and BME/CBID design teams.

Compendex (Engineering) and More

Start with Compendex to find Engineering articles and more.



How to export Compendex citations to your citation manager:

1. In your search results, click the boxes next to those you want to export, and then click the "download" icon:

2. Choose where you would like to export to:

Information about Other Subjects:

1. Library home page --> Databases

2.  Click "Browse list of databases"


3. Choose a subject to see the databases with information about it.


4. In each list, start with the databases under CORE -- they are the best and most relevant 

  • For a description about the database's topics, click "More Info" next to the database name:



  • The patent literature can also supply information about companies. You can examine the patents assigned to a company and perhaps gain insight into its plans for research and/or product development.


  • Look at newspapers (this also includes online news sources)
  • On business databases, try the three databases listed under CORE, for news about companies, products, and more