Biomedical Engineering and Design

Information specific to BME and BME/CBID design teams.

Background Information

Save your time! Use these search techniques:
  • Put quotation marks around PHRASES (two or more words), so that the words are searched together
    --- Example: "machine learning"
  • Put an asterisk at the end of words, so that you get all of the word endings
    --- Example: high* = high, highs, higher, highest
  • Start by putting your search words in the Title. If you get nothing, you can take them out of TITLE and move them to ANYWHERE.
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
    FDA's major topics are Food; Drugs; Medical Devices; Vaccines, Blood, and Biologics; Animal and Veterinary Products; Cosmetics; AND Radiation-emitting products.
  • Johns Hopkins Health Library
    This patient information site includes information about diseases and conditions, tests and procedures, recipes, nutrition, and prevention.
Get an overview of your topic.

Textbooks and Handbooks:
  • AccessMedicine - A collection of medical textbooks (e.g., Current Diagnosis and Treatment; Harrison's Internal Medicine), with overviews of diseases and conditions, lab tests, drug information, images, and more  
  • AccessEngineering - A collection of engineering textbooks (e.g., Handbook of Biomedical Instrumentation)
  • Berry and Kohn's Operating Room Technique (2021, 14th ed., still the most recent) -- Covers surgical technique, including instrumentation and equipment
  • Handbook of Neuroengineering -- 100+ short articles about the neural interface, prostheses, sensors and transducers, circuits and systems, brain/machine interface, neuromorphic engineering and neurocomputing, neurorehabilitation, neurorobotics, neuroinformatics, neural signal processing, neuromodulation, cognitive engineering, multifunctional neuroimaging, clinical neurotechnologies, neurotechnologies translation.  
  • Wheeless's Textbook of Orthopaedics (Duke University) -- NOTE:  Always check a page's revision date to make sure that the information is not too old; some of the sections are older than others

Review Articles -- These are overviews of a topic, including its history and state of the art. They are longer than most articles, and have lots of references. 
  • Engineering -- Do a search in Compendex, and add the word  "review" to the article TITLE
  • Medicine and related topics -- Do a search in PubMed, and choose "review article" (on the left, under "Article Types")
  • DynaMedex covers diseases/conditions and ICD codes, approaches to patients, drugs, devices, procedures, management, evaluation, guidelines, prevention, tools, and more
Online Medical Dictionaries and Definitions
Online Medical Dictionaries and Definitions