Biomedical Engineering and Design

Information specific to BME and BME/CBID design teams.

Background Information

Save your time! Use these search techniques:
  • Put quotation marks around PHRASES (two or more words), so that the words are searched together
    --- Example: "machine learning"
  • Put an asterisk at the end of words, so that you get all of the word endings
    --- Example: high* = high, highs, higher, highest
  • Start by putting your search words in the Title. If you get nothing, you can take them out of TITLE and move them to ANYWHERE.
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
    FDA's major topics are Food; Drugs; Medical Devices; Vaccines, Blood, and Biologics; Animal and Veterinary Products; Cosmetics; AND Radiation-emitting products.
  • Johns Hopkins Health Library
    This patient information site includes information about diseases and conditions, tests and procedures, recipes, nutrition, and prevention.

Get an overview of your topic by searching textbooks and review articles.


Review Articles -- These are overviews of a topic, including its history and state of the art. They are longer than most articles, and have lots of references. 
  • Engineering -- Do a search in Compendex, and add the word  "review" to the article TITLE
  • Medicine and related topics -- Do a search in PubMed, and choose "review article" (on the left, under "Article Types")
  • DynaMedex covers diseases/conditions and ICD codes, approaches to patients, drugs, devices, procedures, management, evaluation, guidelines, prevention, tools, and more
Online Medical Dictionaries and Definitions