Tips and tricks for using RefWorks to manage citations, create bibliographies, and share citations.

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  • Scroll down to REFWORKS on the right, and click it (if it says "available").
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Proquest's guide to RefWorks

Refworks Tools

Write-N-Cite and Refworks Citation Manager both let you run a simplified version of Refworks inside Microsoft Word, so that you can create a bibliography (reference list).

Note:  Write-n-Cite (WnC) was updated August 17, 2021.
--The new version is 4.6.241 (or higher) for Windows, and 4.6.212 (or higher) for Mac
--Starting October 1, 2021, older versions of WnC won't work
--The new version is available under TOOLS in legacy RefWorks and new RefWorks:


JHU provides Office 365 to all students, faculty, and staff for free.
  • RCM comes pre-installed, but it must be "added."

To add RCM on a PC:

  1. Open Word
  2. Go to Insert

  3. Click on "My Add-ins” (do NOT click on "Store" or "Get Add-ins!)
  4. Click on ADMIN MANAGED
    Note: If you do NOT see "Admin Managed," click on "My Add-ins," NOT "Store")
  5. Select Refworks Citation Manager
  6. Scroll down, and click ADD

To add RCM on a Mac:

  1. Insert

  2. Add-ins

  3. My Add-ins

  4. See all

  5. Click ADMIN MANAGED, and select RefWorks Citation Manager
    Note: If you do not see "Admin Managed," follow the PC instructions above


  6. Scroll down and click ADD


How to install Write-N-Cite
  • Use this chart to see which WnC will work with your setup
  • In the correct row, click on "WnC" for more instructions

"Ref Grab-it" and "Save to RefWorks" both capture information to create citations in RefWorks.

Ref Grab-it is for use with the Legacy (OLD) RefWorks
Save to RefWorks is for use with the NEW RefWorks (use this one if you possibly can)

  • Install Ref-Grab-it -- Note that Ref Grab-it only works with Firefox and Internet Explorer, but NOT Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge
  • Install Save to RefWorks: login to RW, click TOOLS (on top), and then "Tools" again, and it will walk you through it

Refworks for Google Docs lets you "access and cite your references while working in Google Docs."

  • This page from RefWorks explains how to install and use RefWorks in Google docs
  • Note: the page says "open a blank Google doc," and that's correct -- only a blank document shows the "Add-ons" option at the top of the page:

  • Mendeley does not work with Google Docs